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Make Vista 60% faster, maybe a bit more.

Notice: If you like the Vista theme this tutorial is NOT for you. Will will make your computer faster by changing some system settings. Also note, your computer will look like Windows 95. Not the best, but as long as it makes Vista faster!

Now, what we are going to do is change some settings un the computer options. It's going to be really easy, trust me! If you think your going to mess something up (doubt you will, unless you somehow spill your soda all inside your modem.) Anyway, lets start the system editing!

Right Click on Computer then go to Properties. Once the screen magically appears click System protection. Don't worry about the word just click it! If you have UAC on just click continue. Now, are you in System Properties? Ok, if your not then read what I said again. Remember, you need Vista! And congrats on the ones that made it this far! Ok, in System Properties click the Advanced tab. Once you click that under the performance box click Settings. Now, this is the part we've all been waiting for! Click adjust for best performance. Clicked it? Ok, hit apply or OK, don't really matter what you click, as long as it's apply or OK. After that you can close all the windows and browse your faster PC. No, this will not make you internet faster. Not that I know of anyway.

There you have it, a better, faster, and somewhat 98ish computer! I hope I helped you get your computer faster!
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