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Alert Creator (With Addons)

Alright let's start off with explaining the basic of alerts in vb6. Here's the most basic alert that, if you put it anywhere in a form it will pop up at the start of your application:

MsgBox "Text Here"

Let's explain, MsgBox is the command that will popup the box that is written "Text Here"... You can change Text Here to whatever you want.

Next, we will make a form that will let the user choose the words.
Create a command button and a text box and place them anywhere on your form. Next, double click the command button and put in:

MsgBox (Text1.Text)

(Text1.Text) is the prompt which means the words that will appear in the text box. Now click F5 and try out your basic application. Well whata you know, it works!

Next we're gonna change the title and the ok button to something else. Double click the command button again and erase MsgBox (Text1.Text) and put:

MsgBox (Text1.Text),vbYesNo,"Title Here"

To explain, vbYesNo means that instead of just a plain Ok appearing in your message box, a Yes and a No button will appear. Change Title Here to the title of your message box, which means what will appear on the window.

Those are really the basics, but you can also change vbYesNo to other multiple choices, when you start to write vb, youll get some choices, enjoy!

If you have any problems, comment my tutorial or PM me.
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