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Views: 5,116
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) Web Server
How to get a web server started quick and easy

By DanielXP
Views: 5,528
[PHP IRC] Place item, get new random.
Adds a simple game to the bot :)

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,725
[PHP IRC] Bot authentication
Authenticate with the bot before allowing access to commands,

By ShadowMage
Views: 8,274
Connect to the network.

By ShadowMage
Views: 10,057
PHP Roll Dice

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,374
Liveprinter For Mac
Getting Liveprinter setup on a mac

By DanielXP
Views: 3,190
Scrollbar Coloring
Simple script for changing scrollbar colors

By setsukemizuhara
Views: 6,861
Connect to a MySQL Server
Connect to a MySQL Server in C#

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,842
Make Vista 60% faster, maybe a bit more.
Yes, YOU can make it faster.

By darklight19
Views: 3,092
Run Linux Apps on Windows
How to run Linux Apps.

By darklight19
Views: 3,031
Follow a Guide
Get a symbol to follow a guide in flash.

By DanielXP
Views: 3,719
Limit username restrictions
This also works for any form you want!!!

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 4,623
Poll System

By Vic Vance