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Javascript Tutorials

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Views: 1,896
Scrollbar Coloring
Simple script for changing scrollbar colors

By setsukemizuhara
Views: 1,089
Show and Hide Content Simple
Make your pages more interactive

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 840
Javascript form
Submit data using javascript

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 1,922
Time based greatings
The Good .... script on RMB!

By Diablosblizz
Views: 1,296
Make A Popup Window
Make Yourself A Javascript Pop Up Window

By Oliver
Views: 1,077
Make A Poppup Window
Make a poppup window, it\'s not hard ;]

By vb_king
Views: 1,046
Clear Input Form
How To Clear A Textbox On Click

By FtH8er
Views: 942
Form selection redirect
This will allow you to make a form selection and on change redirect to a URL.

By DanielXP
Views: 973
PNG 24 Transparency
Makes PNG-24s with transparency work in Internet Explorer.

By Xerofait
Views: 1,073
Simple Password Protection for Small Sites
This is a good password protection script for smaller sites/beginners. It allows access to a member area to people who have the password. However, its not possible to assign new accounts.

By Joshua
Views: 1,157
Basic Alerts.

By Craig
Views: 1,259
Clear Textboxes When Clicked
Clear textboxes whenever anyone clicks on them.

By Naresh