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PHP - User System Tutorials

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Views: 7,197
Limit username restrictions
This also works for any form you want!!!

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 4,990
Poll System

By Vic Vance
Views: 6,237
Affiliate System
Changed to make it work with RMB user system

By Vic Vance
Views: 2,866
Add BBCode to PMs
Let users style their messages.

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 2,919
Badge System

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 2,409
Bug Report
Let users submit bugs, errors, and glitches about your user system and or site.

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 2,657
Friendlist and Blocklist + Msg URLs to Members
Add on for friends and ignoring people

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 2,398
Unique Forgot Password
100% works, unique url, only you can change your pass

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 2,001
[Adv] Forgot Password - Working
Quick and easy to use Forgoten Password Script recycled from Liquidsteel\'s broken version

By Dava
Views: 2,084
Pet System Hiscores
Reqs: Pet System, PHP, BRAIN!

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 2,051
Promote User and Notify Them
Must have the RMB PM system installed!!

By UrbanTwitch
Views: 3,248
Usersystem installation
simple installer!

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,395
Secure Admin Section(Using IP)
Have a second line of security for your Admin System.

By Stupidkid
Views: 3,104
Poll for usersystem
requested by nathan

By new2old
Views: 3,378
Report & Warn Script
Yay! a remake of my previous one ;)

By ShadowMage
Views: 4,289
Gallery [Add-on]
addon for usersystem

By new2old
Views: 2,406
User Post Counts
A Simple Post Counter

By zackcez
Views: 2,450
[Forum]User Titles
Simple User Titles

By zackcez
Views: 3,286
Unstick threads
need forum addon for usersystem

By new2old
Views: 2,387
Signature Addon to forum
need forum addon for usersystem

By new2old
Views: 2,833
Friends system Add-on
display user friends

By new2old
Views: 2,399
Remember Me
Simple tutorial on how to do a remember me function

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,832
Shop Makeover
need to have the original shop >/

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,896
Friends system
make friends on the userystem :P

By new2old
Views: 5,262
News System
Effective news system that should work

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,621
Simple Staff Page
A simple page to show your staff =)

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,757
Neaten Up PHP User Systems
Very Advanced. Not For Beginners.

By Liquidsteel
Views: 2,311
Advanced Forgoten Password Script
Advanced, Works. Because I Use It Myself.

By Liquidsteel
Views: 2,303
Changing The Look Of Points
From 100000 to 100,000

By Liquidsteel
Views: 3,690
Users Online

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,991
Members Page Pagination
Members Pagination

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,637
Making a user admin
For InSaNe... (read shoutbox)

By Diablosblizz
Views: 2,699
A Login Script
a moderate level login using mysql and php

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 2,602
Find a user
Ajax Search - Find a user

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 2,417
Faq system
Editable Faqs

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 2,351
Remove all unactive members from database
Short, and simple!

By Diablosblizz
Views: 2,614
Bank Interest
a simple yet advanced tutorial for an interest rate syste, :)

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,885
Advanced shop.
Advanced shop. admin and user.

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,498
Last Seen
Short and simple :)

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,799
Voucher codes claim and admin.
vouchers codes, requested by -=InSaNe=-

By SkillMaster
Views: 3,515
Admin CP
Make an nice admin cp. lol.

By cyruswu
Views: 2,307
Showing The Users Ip As an ADmin In Profile.
show the ip in profile

By cyruswu
Views: 4,070
Lottery System
Short, Simple, Sweet ^_^

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,227
Send Points
send points to other users

By SkillMaster
Views: 3,181
Pet system
SKillMaster + MOD-Dan

By MOD-Dan
Views: 2,093
Delete A Specific User.
Delete a user.

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,153
Newest thread for forum.
the newest thread.

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,453
Split Layout
Pretty Simple, splitting up your site layout

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,474
Color Members Names
Color members names according to their userlevel

By SkillMaster
Views: 3,202
Thread Post Count
Quick add on to the forum

By MOD-Dan
Views: 3,666
Full Point System
This one has it all :P

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,261
Admin only forum add on.
Only let admins and mods post in certain topics.

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,738
Website Status
online or offline for many things :)

By ShadowMage
Views: 5,635
Private Message System
Yay! finally

By ShadowMage
Views: 6,537
Forum-Add on For Usersystem
A very basic forum add on. *Updated*

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,487
Sign up date
Date when users signed up. (Idea from forums)

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,035
Forgot Password [pt2]
The correct one, check skillmaster

By gbt91
Views: 2,144
Change Pincode Addon
Make sure that all your members have changed thier pincodes

By gbt91
Views: 4,469
User System Tips
Make your user system safer .

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,399
Mass Email
Yay! now you can send a mass email to your users

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,909
Whos Online
shows whos online

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,598
Creating a Admin page!
This actually works!!!!!

By Diablosblizz
Views: 2,319
Change Pincode
to change your pincode

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,382
Forgot Password.
For the dummies who forgot their password

By SkillMaster
Views: 3,667
User Rank On Profile
Echo the users rank on their profile

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,296
advanced user verification
wanna show off your user what you can do?

By gbt91
Views: 2,939
Newest & Total Members
To Show How many Members you have and the newest one

By gbt91
Views: 2,337
Change User Levels
For any usersystem.

By cyruswu
Views: 4,550
PHP Shoutbox
Full PHP shoutbox

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,446
Change Password
Allow users to change passwords

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,344
Mass PM
A mass PM system

By Overload
Views: 2,766
Adding a new field.
adding a new field.

By SkillMaster
Views: 3,204
User System (Part 2)
Blocking unwanted names

By DanielXP
Views: 2,703
Hide Email
Allow users to show or hide their user email

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,390
Tutortial system
This will show you how to make a tutorial system!

By MOD-Dan
Views: 4,024
Creating an Admin Panel
An admin panel for your usersystem!

By MOD-Dan
Views: 31,712
User System (Part 1)
Learn how to make a user system for your site.

By DanielXP