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PHP Tutorials

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Views: 4,334
[PHP IRC] Place item, get new random.
Adds a simple game to the bot :)

By ShadowMage
Views: 3,564
[PHP IRC] Bot authentication
Authenticate with the bot before allowing access to commands,

By ShadowMage
Views: 7,988
Connect to the network.

By ShadowMage
Views: 9,818
PHP Roll Dice

By ShadowMage
Views: 1,860
Basic File Upload System
Allow users to upload files to your website

By Dava
Views: 1,681
IDs for Values

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 6,810
Parsing a RSS feed
How to parse a RSS feed in PHP.

By DanielXP
Views: 1,651
How to use functions
What, how, where, when and why?

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 1,949
Guest Statistics
Shows Guest\'s IP and Browser

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 2,503
Ajax Chat
Instant and more interactive

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 2,004
PHP Switch
A easy code for a navigation

By Adam981
Views: 2,011
Make your own function
Making functions is easy, you should try it

By Jackboy
Views: 2,237
Creating a CAPTCHA
Useful for keeping bots away!

By Diablosblizz
Views: 7,266
Reading INI files with PHP
Read ini files with PHP!

By Diablosblizz
Views: 2,013
Validating Credit Cards
Validating Credit Cards quite advance. but you will get it.

By cyruswu
Views: 1,982
Advanced mySQL OOP Class
Query counter, execution Time

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,739
Cool PHP Contact Us!

By Liquidsteel
Views: 1,900
Creating A MySQL and PHP Registration Script
making a registration script and one other script to connect to the database.

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 1,913
Random banner
Pick random banners

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 1,917
MySQL and PHP commands
PHP functions for MySql

By ilyas-shezad
Views: 2,035
mySQL Class
a nice mySQL class to use with your website?

By ShadowMage
Views: 1,987
Count Spots
Like we used for our birthday competition.

By DanielXP
Views: 2,005
Updating Copyright
Make an updating copyright.

By cyruswu
Views: 1,792
Displaying more than one result
Easy mysql

By SkillMaster
Views: 2,702
RSS Feed
Simple :)

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,507
How to Use PHP GD to write Text
Simple script to write using GD

By gbt91
Views: 3,245
[GD]Create An Image With Text
Multiple Files used :P

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,029
Show Server Status
Show Port Stats for your server

By James
Views: 2,193
Random Ads
Show Your Ads with a simple script that randomly picks it

By gbt91
Views: 3,355
Advanced Site Status
Image Style!

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,344
Browser Detector...
This simple script will detect Internet Explorer and Firefox.

By Diablosblizz
Views: 1,811
PHP Mail Part 2
Sending Mail to your Guests from your site!

By Diablosblizz
Views: 1,840
PHP Mail
Easy way for members to send email to you!

By Diablosblizz
Views: 2,100
Date + Time
learn the date and time with PHP

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,091
If, else and elseif
Learn about these 3 funtions.

By DanielXP
Views: 2,259
PHP Cookies
Learn how to use cookies in PHP.

By DanielXP
Views: 1,460
Basics of using Case\'s in PHP
A start into using Cases.

By Overload
Views: 2,088
Simple Session Login
this will allow you to create a simple session login system

By ShadowMage
Views: 1,925
Percent Complete
find out total percent

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,286
Explode Function - The Basic's
Using the explode funtion in PHP

By DanielXP
Views: 1,657
Word Wrap

By ShadowMage
Views: 1,898
Easy way to use PHP + MySQL
Makes connecting and using MySQL easier!

By Xerofait
Views: 2,125
Best PHP nav ever

By ray230
Views: 2,219
Word Filter
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a word filter.

By DanielXP
Views: 1,684
PHP Debugging Techniques
Find errors the easy way!

By chrism
Views: 1,899
PHP Navigation
Simple Switch

By chrism
Views: 1,605
View bytes as KB
Convert bytes to KB

By chrism
Views: 1,694
Password Protect Follow-up
My follow-up tutorial using kane0ner's password protect tutorial

By chrism
Views: 1,513
View bytes as KB
Convert KB to MB the easy way. It will view like xx.xxMB not xx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxMB

By chrism
Views: 1,670
Password Protect
This is a simple code to protect a webpage with a username and a password.

By kane0ner
Views: 1,679
MySQL Code
How to Connect with Mysql WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

By Joshua
Views: 2,055
PHP Forms
The PHP $_GET and $_POST variables are used to retrieve information from forms, like user input.

By Joshua
Views: 1,672
HTTP Functions
The HTTP functions let you manipulate information sent to the browser by the Web server, before any other output has been sent.

By Joshua
Views: 1,623
How to reformat username
E.g change username format from Aidan to AIDan but not to greatman because greatman isnt same as Aidan :)

By Aidan
Views: 1,880
OOP, yep, OOP
My tutorial on OOP

By RossT
Views: 1,622
Random Link or Image
Displays a random link or image on your site

By 3xS
Views: 1,773
PHP Server Status
Put the status of a server on a remote website.

By Xerofait
Views: 4,129
News CMS With Admin Panel
No comments, but secure admin panel!

By 3xS
Views: 2,377
Comment System with MySQL
Not the one I screwed up on on TechTuts.

By 3xS
Views: 4,358
Online Notepad
An easy online notepad.

By DanielXP
Views: 1,833
Calculator in PHP
Simple, But good for beginners

By Nyaz
Views: 1,949
Apache server with MySQL
Easy tutorial on how to made at home an PHP/Apache server

By 7more
Views: 2,304
Basic PHP Hit Counter
Make a simply flat file hit counter

By DanielXP