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The latest from TutorialNinja

Conversations replace PM's

I have just finished coding a new system for sending messages between users.

Our old "PM" system was very unorganised leaving a trail of messages, this was fine when we start but things have changed now.

Our new conversations system creates a messaging thread where all the messages between you and another member are kept, easily find old messages but scrolling up.

And now the whole conversations system is using AJAX you can have live conversations between other members! On Saturday 6th June 2014 by DanielXP

Tutorial System Update

It's been a while since I last gave a update or made a update for that matter.

I am now back on track getting the website update. As the core backbone of our website is tutorials I have been spending time getting this the best I can get.

  • Improved the functionality of the tutorial tabs/pages (Already a new feature)
  • Automatic comments loading, no longer pages (like Facebook's newsfeed
  • Comments are now posted via AJAX
  • Switching more away from images and using FontAwesome's icons
  • Adding more BBcodes and creating styles for each

I am now working on creating a new system to create new tutorials that can be a higher quality (WYSIWYG for BBcodes, image hosting so there are no broken links) On Tuesday 12th May 2015 by DanielXP


We have received some great feedback over the last week, please keep the feedback coming in.

We are excited to announce that we will be featured in a ebook showcasing the use of new TLDs (Top Level Domains)
When released we will make this available to all our users.

Thank you for your continued patients during the rebuilding of this site, hopefully this will be as popular as it once was. On Saturday 14th June 2014 by DanielXP

We are back!

I (Daniel aka DanielXP) sold (a tutorial website) many years ago, it has come to my attention that the community and site have disappeared.

In respect of this, as I still have a backup of the database and files before I sold the site I have decided to re-release under a new name.

Introducing Thats right, we have a .ninja domain. I have been working on the site for a few weeks now and have spent a lot of time and money getting it ready.

I have generated a new design for the site, I have wrapped the old version of RMB-Scripting around this new template and have been making major tweak.

Over the next few weeks/months the whole site should hopefully have been recoded and a tone of new features added.

Please do take a look at the site at if you have forgotten your password then please send me a email to with you username (please send it from the same email as you signed up from) and I will get this reset for you.

Any feedback or comments you can send to the same email address.

You may find that the site switches to a different template, this is just where I haven't made the switch yet for all the files.

Thanks for reading On Sunday 8th June 2014 by DanielXP