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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

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Views: 5,930
Flame text =]
Flame text in Photoshop CS3

By ShadowMage
Views: 5,369
Cutting with the Polygonal Lasso Tool
Learn to cut around a object

By DanielXP
Views: 5,158
Shadow Text
Put a shadow on your text.

By Adam
Views: 5,065
Adding Creative Text To Images
Very Basic Creative text.

By Adam
Views: 3,155
Text Swoosh Logo
A cool Logo!

By Adam
Views: 3,474
Creating 3D Effects in Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Fun 3D effects!

By Adam
Views: 2,975
Summer orb.
Learn how to make a shield shaped orb in photoshop

By Nevram
Views: 3,181
Wave Electric
This is an alternate though you must finish another tutorial before doing it.

By ShadowMage
Views: 5,710
Water-ish Wallpaper
Just a wallpaper...

By ShadowMage
Views: 2,860
The Bizarre Zoom Tutorial
Find out how to make interesting looking designs in this tutorial.

By SeanTrek
Views: 2,870
Easy blending
Make easy blends with photoshop

By Kenny
Views: 2,797
Dot Pattern
Create a simple effective Dot pattern.

By Tom
Views: 2,998
Scan Lines (Diagonal)
How to get that simple but effective looking scan lines.

By Tom
Views: 2,789
Accent Boxes
Do you have a signature that you want to accentuate something in? Well here is the perfect tutorial for you.

By Xerofait
Views: 2,824
Creating Paterns
Learn how to make your own custom patterns!

By Joey