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Accent Boxes

Do you have a signature that you want to accentuate something in? Well here is the perfect tutorial for you.

1) Make your signature.
2) Use the lasso tool to select the area that you want accentuated (like around the person in my signature).
3) Copy everything behind the thing you want accentuated and copy it to a new transparent layer that is behind the object but in front of the background.
4) With your new layer selected, do a Mosaic effect 20px squares.
5) Use a Sharpen and a Sharpen More effect on that layer (a second Sharpen More can be used if you like).
6) Mess around with the transparency and layer options to make it fit with your sig.

Hope this helps!
Posted on Wednesday 16th January 2008 at 02:20 AM
Nice tut! I liked it. Honestly it helped me out alot on one of my sigs, was looking for this. Great job!