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Liveprinter For Mac

Hey i've just got my first Mac and wanted to install my printer using Liveprinter provided by Wanadoo.

I already had Liveprinter working with my PC so I thought I would be able to install it quick.

I could not find any tutorial on how to get the printer to work with Liveprinter so I made this tutorial.

First lets make sure you have every thing you need.
1) Wanadoo Livebox
2) Printer
3) Printer Cables
4) A Mac..
5) Printer drivers

Installing Drivers
If you have a disc for the printer what is for a mac shove it in the CD Drive and install the drivers using there instructions.

To install the drivers it will probably ask you to connect your printer to your computer.
Install your printer like this and in the next steps we will change it to work wirelessly.

Connecting the printer
Connect your printer to the Livebox using the USB lead, plugging into the usb socket just under the "1" and "2" buttons and then connect the power supply.
Turn your printer on.

Going wireless
Click on the apple on the top right of your screen.
Go to "System Preferences" and under the "Hardware" category click "Print & Fax"
TutorialNinja Image

Under the printers list you will find the printer you have just installed.
TutorialNinja Image

Under this list click the "+" (Click here to add a printer) button.

Make sure you are connected to the Livebox before you do these following.

For the "Address" type in "" (No quotes)
This will now test the connection to your Livebox and should say "Valid and complete address."
TutorialNinja Image

Now change the Protocol to something suitable to your printer. I have chose "HP Jetdirect - Socket" because my printer is HP.

Click on "Print Using" and select "Select a driver to use..."
TutorialNinja Image

Now search for your printer and click "Add"
TutorialNinja Image

I then went back and delete my old printer from the printers list but you don't need to do this.

Your printer should now work using Liveprinter.

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