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Shape tweening

Today you will be learning how to turn a object into another object!

Part 1

First open up a document, make it reasonable size! Now make 51 frames, then go to the text tool and make a box on your stage. Type a word/number anything you want, make the font size 48 and BOLD!

Then click on your text go to ' Modify --> Algin --> Vertical Center & Horizontal Center '.

We now have to break our text up so you can do that by pressing Ctrl + B or go to ' Modify --> Break Apart '.

Part 2

Now we have to insert keyframes in the following frames 24, 50 and 51. We now have a number/word in all our frames! But not for long.

Delete your word/number in frame '24' now type in a new number/word! Algin it again if you have forgotten go to ' Modify --> Algin --> Horizontal Algin & Vertical Algin '. We then break our text apart again by pressing Ctrl + B or ' Modify --> Break Apart '.

Now insert a keyframe in frame '26' at the bottom of the progame there will be a propertie saying ' Tween '. Go to the drop down box and choose ' Shape ', do this for frame 1 also!

Then press Ctrl + Enter (or backspace) for different pc's.

This has been tested if you occur any problems contact me!


You can add shape tweens to your document, by doing this you can shape around with your text. Press Shift + Ctrl + H a letter 'a' should appear on your document. Move it to where you wish to have the shape bend around into a letter/number on frame 25. We then go to frame 25 and there should be another little red circle, move it to somewhere on your text and it should appear green. This mean that flash is capable of shaping your text!

This has been tested if you occur any problems contact me!
Posted on Tuesday 6th February 2007 at 09:57 PM
Nice tutorial,

Maybe next time try adding a few images.